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Equipment Remarketing Services – Solving Equipment Problems! Banks, equipment finance companies, owner operators, and trucking and rental companies are just a few of our clients that have called upon us to assist in the evaluation, management, and remarketing of their equipment. If you need assistance in any of these areas, please call us for a consultation. We have sales centers in Dallas, Texas, and Atlanta, Georgia, and have an extensive network of dealer relationships around the country. Bottom line – we have the resources and connections to create the necessary infrastructure to handle any size project that you may have.

Financial Consultation - Asset Value Maximization

What is your equipment worth? What is the best strategy to handle the disposal of your equipment to maximize your asset return? What are the current market conditions? What are your options? If you have trucks, trailers, or containers we can help you determine the best approach for you to take to maximize the value of your circumstances. End of lease, net book value issues, wholesale-end user market values, and pricing strategies are just a few of the elements we can assist you with.


Bring your equipment to one of our sales locations, we’re in Dallas and Atlanta, and let us handle the sale for you. Our sales team will outline an individualized plan for you that will achieve your goals. We have a consistent stream of buyers that will expedite money in your pocket.


Need to know the current condition of your equipment, or what exactly you’ve got? We can provide you an accurate inspection on both specs and conditions.

Appraisals - Market Evaluation

Need to know how much your equipment is worth? If you are setting up residual values, insurance valuations, lease purchase options, outright wholesale values, or any other type of appraisal, we can provide you a current market evaluation of your equipment.

Operations - Logistics - Transportation - Repairs

We can transport equipment, repair equipment, and handle all your administrative requirements. Let us be your operations department.

Storage Yards

Trying to arrange equipment storage? We have immediate equipment parking availability in both Dallas and Atlanta, with a nationwide network available. We can help solve your problem.

Marketing Services

Equipment is a commodity with a very specific target audience, simply “running an ad” will not get the maximum value out of your time or your equipment. Our equipment marketing team works to analyze the market and develop a strategy around each group that is designed for maximum results. We will craft a comprehensive marketing campaign unique to your equipment that will achieve your goals using all our available resources.


If all the above is working…this should be the easy part…sell and achieve. We have expert Equipment Sales Managers that will guide buyers through the final steps of this process and ensure that your equipment goals are achieved.

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